26point2 Consulting Group, LLC

Going the distance for your events & businesses.

Going the distance for your events & businesses.

Going the distance for your events & businesses.Going the distance for your events & businesses.

The 26point2 Approach

Angie Juarez, MBA of 26point2 | Keeping Businesses Running with digital media strategies and more!

What's the story with our name?

26.2 miles is the distance of a marathon. 

Running successful events and businesses is like training for a marathon (26.2 miles), it’s a continuous journey over time of learning new skills, having the right tools for the moment, and effectively put your efforts to work for the endurance of the long distance.  

So when it comes to our events and clients, we want to collaborate with people willing to RUN SPRINTS TODAY TO RUN MARATHONS TOMORROW! We are a unique event management and business strategy & operations consulting company. 

Angie Juarez, MBA of 26point2 Events & Consulting

About Us

After 15 years in the marketing and advertising industry, 26point2 Consulting Group, LLC was founded by Angie Juarez in 2013 with a passion to help businesses and events reach new levels.  

After five years in businesses and a gradual focus leading to more and more event management projects, in 2018 26point2 Consulting Group, LLC started doing business as...   26point2 Events & Consulting.

Angie Juarez, MBA takes the lead on all projects and builds teams to meet the needs of clients.   From small projects to regional/national campaigns, Angie's experience stems from the traditional ad agency world  and  the production worlds of print, radio & tv.

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Explore, Inform, Advise then Execute!

26point2 Events & Consulting takes a unique approach when producing events and consulting businesses. We look at your short term and long term goals then reverse engineer how to get there from where you are at now.   

Before we spend a single penny on marketing & advertising efforts, our services include a comprehensive analysis of your business and your competitors. We EXPLORE to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, then INFORM you of our discoveries...  it’s not all pretty but we’re on your side and working on your best behalf.  

Next, we take the practicality of where you're at now and we ADVISE you of the best options to get your operations and brand to work together. Marketing & advertising can no longer be treated as a separate category in your business, it IS your business and we’ll provide a BLUEPRINT OF ENGAGEMENT. 

And if you are up for the challenge, we'll  help you EXECUTE the strategy!  26point2 Event & Consulting takes a unique approach when producing events and consulting businesses. We look at your short term and long term goals then reverse engineer how to get there using the assets you have available to you now. 

Angie Juarez, MBA of 26point2 Events & Consulting

Event Production

Our detailed approach to business strategies has allowed us to provide a unique niche category for our clients.  26point2 Events & Consulting offers full-service event productions by managing and bringing together all elements of an event.  We specialize in events that require exhibitors, sponsors and a media plan.  We also offer special event consulting in which we can guide you in the right direction but your organization takes the reigns.   

Some of the current events we manage in full are the All Valley Boat Show, South Padre Island Fishing Day - Fishing Expo and the South Padre Island Mariachi Run - 5k/10k Fun Run/Walk.  Previous experience includes being on the core teams for municipality city festivals, car shows/festivals, bike rallies and outdoor expos. 

Businesses SWOT Analysis

Most business owners go into business for themselves because they are either very good at something or they have a passion for something.  Unfortunately they often forget or don't have a full scope of the business side of their business.  

When business owners reach a point in their business that they know they need to do something different or they are not certain what the next steps should be for them to reach a new growth level,  that's where 26point2 Events & Consulting comes in!

It's tough to read a bottle label from the inside... as a third party looking in, Angie Juarez, MBA conducts full SWOT analysis on businesses to determine where improvements can be made and what can be done to grow.   This is a look at a businesses' Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

All business audits & analysis are kept confidential without question.  Additionally, if preferred we also keep our clients' identity confidential... this allows them to take all the accolades for their success without disclosing they got some help getting their.  

Without mentioning names, one of our favorites successes is having helped a Cameron County business increase their cyclical summer season sales from one year to another by over half a million dollars!  This was quite the accomplishment considering it takes a lot of sales items that only vary from $10 to $80 to make up over $500k.